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Soon to be out of power and no longer able to control what is going on in the United States, Barrack Obama is hoping to slow the prospect of a Republican RED wave that could deliver a massive Defeat to his longtime Puppet, Joe Biden, who is also hitting the trail, making a rare joint appearance with Kamala Harris in Philadelphia.

If what all the Prophets of God have been saying is correct, Nothing Obama or any of the Democrats do will stop what’s about to happen to the Democratic Party. The HAND of God will smash all of the efforts that the Democratic Party is making to commit massive fraud to win the 2022 midterm elections. Even as I write this news story the Democrats are doing everything they can to commit fraud to win the 2022 elections. ( Fox Affiliate Calls Arizona Election For Katie Hobbs — 12 Days Before Election! They are going to Steal it! ) Destruction is coming to the Democratic party, The Arrogance that they have will be a big part of their demise. These people have become so rich and powerful they think they can take on the I AM and defeat him!

From Prophet Amanda Grace -Thus saith the Lord:

“A strange plan shall begin to unfold in your nation – strange indeed,” says the Lord. “For the ‘liberalness’ thinks it has found a loophole to thread the needle, to bait and switch, too (under the guise of deception, illness, and timing) seamlessly switch the leadership. However,” says the Lord, “they have miscalculated their TIMING.

“Demons squabble, and you shall see these movements, who claim to advocate, suddenly turn on each other and ‘infight’ and accuse and weaken their own agenda. For,” says the Lord, “it is time to indeed deal with the rainbow. It is time to fracture their foundation; to expose the inner workings of the laundering that is occurring; to expose the disturbing root that has allowed pride to swell.

“However,” says the Lord of hosts, “PRIDE cometh before the fall. Haughtiness and pride,” says the Lord, “have come to the edge of a destructive cliff, and now that agenda shall suffer one of the biggest blows it ever has, and shall be smeared by its own,” says the Lord.

“For that flag has waved in the faces, pridefully, of this nation long enough; and ‘humble pie’ indeed shall be served for their insatiable lust to harm and hurt MY creation, and the innocent as well, for what they have done to the little ones. (Photo via Flickr)

“Their millstone has been etched with the charges at hand, and it shall be hung around the neck of that movement as it is gut open and all their inner workings come forth, as even this is connected to Ukraine,” says the Lord, “their flags, at times, side by side. The connection shall be made, for it is the same groups and spirits working together undercover, and their mask shall now be torn off,” says the Lord of hosts.

If the words above are from the True God of creation then indeed there is no hope at all for the Democratic party or the ones trying to destroy the WILL of God!

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