Posted BY: G. Murphy Donovan

“In order to have your voice heard in Washington, you must make some small contribution.”

—Elon Musk

Donald Trump is a political vampire, now a mythical figure; a folk hero to some and an ogre for others.  Try as they might, the American establishment, right and left, has been unable to put a stake in the political heart of  Trump and his populist/nationalist narrative.

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The mirth that accompanied Trump’s campaign in 2016 is gone.  The man who slew the dragon lady is no longer a punch line.  MAGA is now just another rude four-letter word if you were to ask Democrats.  For the feminist left, Trump is the vulgar patriarch who quashed the Hillary quest; the second-best dream, after the race, for the identity and intersectional crowd on the American left.

Granted, the worst of Hillary’s failure was irony.

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