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A woman was found dead in her car in Midtown Manhattan Sunday afternoon, surrounded by ‘hazardous chemical materials.’

The unidentified 35-year-old was first spotted unresponsive in her vehicle at East 36th Street and Sutton Place at around 11.23 am by a woman walking her dog, law enforcement officials told AM NY.

When two officers arrived on the scene, they were said to have immediately been hit by a powerful, sulfuric odor and found the woman dead at the scene.

Hazmat-clad emergency service members descended on the scene, closing down the street as first responders could be seen using Geiger counters to measure radiation levels in the area.

The area remained cordoned off Sunday evening after two NYPD officers and an EMS member suffered minor injuries. One of them was brought to a local hospital in the aftermath.

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Authorities on the scene told AM NY that an array of liquid chemicals were found within the car, the combination of which is believed to have killed the woman.

The Medical Examiner then removed the woman’s body from the black SUV, while other hazmat-clad first responders emptied it and placed materials in red bags.

Police do not believe the woman’s death was criminally motivated, but did not say whether it was intentional or accidental, and did not release exactly which chemicals were found in the car. 

An investigation is ongoing, and the woman’s name is being withheld pending family identification. 

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