Posted BY: Sloan Oliver

The Bible warns about calling evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20).  Based on that warning, the Democrats should be very worried.  The Dems are a party that openly lies and calls evil good. They celebrate killing babies in the womb, revel in the authoritarian power they seized during the COVID lockdowns, and recently they’ve started to groom young children (as young as six and eight years old) to mutilate their bodies by confusing them about their gender.  The Dems claim that if someone identifies as the opposite gender, we should celebrate and acknowledge their gender confusion.  Well, I refuse to do so because doing so is dishonest and a lie.

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Perhaps you’ve seen the video of Lindsay Graham, an Arizona woman who dressed as a cat to speak to her local school board.  Graham wore a cat costume, introduced herself as a cat, said “meow, meow,” and then asked who believed she was an actual cat.  Nobody raised their hands.  This was exactly Graham’s point: nobody believed she was a cat because she was not a cat.  People aren’t stupid.  But our Dems believe that we are.  A woman doesn’t become a cat because she dresses as one, meows, and calls herself a cat; any more than a biological male becomes female by wearing a dress, heels, lipstick, and calling himself a woman.  To accept that Graham is a cat is to accept fantasy for reality and a lie for the truth.

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