Source: Martin Ingall

If President Trump wins a second term and the Republicans to do not retake the House, a significant portion of his voter’s agenda will be derailed.  We will see another round of impeachment, Russia 2.0, Orange Man Bad, anything and everything to stop Trump.  Trump’s first term will have only been prologue.

For the Republicans to take back the House, a net gain of 17 seats is needed.  Surmountable, yet not an easy task.  Thankfully for the Republicans, there is a playbook, a roadmap, to achieve this success so critical to their agenda.  In a recently published book titled Broken Values. How The Democratic Party Platform Betrays Its Followers And America, author and political strategist Gideon Israel breaks down the Democrat Party platforms since 1992 to show how the values and thus policies of the Democrats have become so radical, so extreme, so destructive, in such a short period of time.

The book focuses on nine policy and cultural issues — family, religion, personal responsibility, racism, immigration, abortion, the Second Amendment, criminal justice, and Israel.  It demonstrates that the Democrats once had almost mainstream approaches to these issues.  These have been replaced by radical ideas alien to so many American and, increasingly, to many Democrat voters.  To win back the House, the Republicans must expose the voters to these toxic ideas expressed so clearly in the Democrat Party 2020 platform.

Republicans running for Congress everywhere, and especially in swing districts, can make large gains by posing to voters some very simple questions:

  • Do you believe America is a good country? The Democrats have proclaimed that America was born in sin and was rotten to the core even before its founding.
  • Do you believe we should have a border?  Do you believe we should choose who we do and do not allow into the country?  For the first time, the Democrat’s 2020 platform doesn’t even acknowledge that there is such a thing as an illegal immigrant.  Further, the platform calls for a halt to all security construction on the border.
  • Do you believe in the Second Amendment? For the first time since gun rights became an issue, the Democrats chose to not even allude to it in their platform.
  • Do you think abortions should be celebrated?  For more than a decade the Democrats have actually celebrated abortion in their party platforms.  They didn’t use to.
  • Do you consider Israel an ally of America?  The Democrats have expunged from their party platform the terms ally, special relationship, and strategic connection when discussing Israel and the Middle East.  Palestinian demands have been mutated from a subject of negotiation to having equal validity to the Jewish claim on the Holy Land.

And there’s more.  To Republican House and Senate candidates, here are major questions to ask your election opponents concerning culture and values.  Highlight them again and again.  Pound them home and let the voters decide:

  • Is personal responsibility an important American value?  Or is everyone just a victim?  The Democrats have removed any discussion of personal responsibility from their platform.   It was there, now it’s gone.
  • Is systemic racism pervasive in America?  Do you feel a part of it?  A perpetrator of it?  That is a pillar of the Democrat Party 2020 platform.
  • Do fathers matter?  Do intact families matter?  The Democrat platform used to affirm both.  Not anymore.
  • Is there such a thing as American values we all aspire to share?  Or is that nonsense from your grandparents?  Do you want diversity and multiculturalism to be our credo?
  • Is the Constitution an obsolete dinosaur, racist, cruel, unfair, and most certainly no longer applicable to today’s challenges?  The Democrat’s 2020 platform advocates for a new social and legal contract.
  • Is there is anything good about the police?  The Democrat Party’s 2020 platform has unusually harsh words for them.

And here’s a good one:  Republican candidates should be asking their Democrat opponents how they will heal and uplift the soul of the nation when they see American history as a one of oppressors and oppressed.

If the Republicans want to win the House in the 2020 election, they need to hold their election opponents’ feet to the fire, by calling out the radical ideas that the Democrat Party has set forth so clearly.  Highlight.  Reiterate.  Repeat.  Then do it again.

What I like best about Gideon Israel’s Broken Values are the very original insights identifying the underlying concepts that are driving Democrat Party politics and policies off a cliff… with the intent of taking America with it.  There’s lots of insights and stories here I haven’t seen or heard elsewhere.  Gideon Israel has produced something very original. 

Let’s pray that with the clarity, focus and understanding this book provides, the Republicans will take back the House, keep the Senate, turn the ship and save America.