Posted BY: Daniel Duffy

As Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine enters its second year, there’s growing dissent, particularly among the American Right, about our commitment to support Ukraine. No one wants a confrontation with Russia, or to risk another Vietnam.  We have bigger security concerns from China.  Moreover, it’s not as if Ukraine is a flourishing democratic republic.  It’s a sputtering one, really.  In 2021, Ukraine was listed as the 122nd least corrupt country (Mexico was the 124th).  A year into the war seems like a good time to review these objections and make a sober analysis on whether it’s worth the billions of dollars we’ve already pledged and will pledge to support Ukraine. 

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It’s clear who the good and bad guys are in this war.  If Russia’s evolving casus belli of NATO expansion, Nazis, bio labs, and killer mosquitoes, seem like desperate alibis of a thief, it’s because even some Russians don’t like to face the real reasons for war. 

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