“Biden is a serious drag on Democratic candidates nationwide”

Posted BY: Steve Watson

An ABC News survey has concluded that Joe Biden is a “serious drag on Democratic candidates nationwide,” as his approval numbers on all major issues are “badly under water”.

The poll found that on gas prices Biden’s approval is just 27% and on inflation, he has just 28% approval.

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That’s telling given that 80% of respondents also said inflation is an ‘extremely or very important factor’ in how they will vote, with a further 74% saying gas prices is a top factor.

Overall on the economy, Biden managed 37%, and given there is still a whole Summer to go until the midterms, that figure is expected to slump even further.

The findings are broadly in line with a CNN poll that found 66% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy:

Inflation has surged to a 40 year high, while real wages have DECLINED:

Yet, bizarrely, Biden claims that savings are up:

And he claims that “more Americans feel financially comfortable” since he took office:

What the fuck is he talking about? He’s just outright lying.

Never mind, off to the beach!