Posted BY: Joseph Archer

The problem with conservatives is that they are basically political Amish. They are like genetically deficient rabbits who are not born with an instinctual fear of wolves. Most conservatives were raised in good families around other good families and have almost no real understanding of the human underbelly. And that is why our government is populated almost entirely by people from the human underbelly. It is the difference between Kansas and New York City.

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I have written continuously that it is impossible that dishonorable people have not been running candidates in both primaries probably since shortly after the creation of the republican party. Politics is like a roulette table where bets on red and black pay thirty to one. Government is the font of money and it is the sole owner of legalized force. Gaining control of it insures absolute power, unlimited wealth, and zero labor for those in charge. No conscious being could fail to see that there are more than enough people on this planet willing to lie, cheat, and steal to gain control of the government and running candidates in both primaries is absolutely essential, if not running multiple candidates in each primary.

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