Source: JD Rucker

Many are speculating that Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser delayed her citywide mask mandate so as to not interfere with her birthday party or a Dave Chappelle show she attended. Let’s end the speculation right now. Yes, the Mayor of Washington DC made the decision to reinstate indoor face masking protocols on Saturday instead of earlier based solely on her social calendar. Of this I am 99% certain.

Nothing else makes sense. The CDC guidelines were dropped at the beginning of the week. Initiating the mask mandate before the busy weekend would have made sense in light of the Delta Variant hysteria that’s sweeping the nation. Waiting until Sunday or Monday to allow one more weekend of “freedom” for the people would have made some sense, though wouldn’t quite jibe with the “emergency” stance many politicians, particularly Democrats, are taking against the Delta Variant.

Initiating the mask mandate in the middle of the weekend, conspicuously right after she had her pre-planned and paid-for partying out of the way, makes absolutely zero sense from a policy perspective. It ONLY makes sense as an act of an elitist abusing her power and setting policy for her city based on her social calendar.

She wasn’t going to cancel HER birthday party or HER attendance at Chappelle’s show. The Delta Variant is allegedly horrible, spreading like wildfire, and supposedly only face mask mandates can save lives at this point, but those lives are secondary to Bowser’s night of fun and frolic.

This is not a partisan issue. If a Republican mayor had done this, I would be calling for them to step down immediately. I would be calling on voters to take whatever legal actions were necessary to remove them from power. Nobody should be making decisions for their constituents based on their social calendar. This is absolutely atrocious and every resident of Washington DC should be furious that their elected dictator thinks so poorly of them.

When a politician schedules mandates for the peasants so they won’t interfere with her party plans, that’s called abuse of power. Mayor Bowser believes the people who voted for her are too stupid to notice. We’ll see if she’s right.