Source: Jim Hoft

Of course, it if very difficult to get any honest reporting from the mainstream media today.

Their objective is to destroy President Trump not report the facts.
They even downplayed hydroxychloroquine, the “most effective therapy” recommended by a global survey of doctors, in order to slam President Trump.

Getting reliable information is difficult.

The CDC website is even confusing.

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The Worldometer coronavirus website says there have been 7,896 coronavirus deaths in the US as of noon on Saturday April 4, 2020.

The CDC website has only 1,150 US deaths listed as confirmed or presumed to be linked to the coronavirus.

The total number of coronavirus deaths appears to be lagging but despite that we are starting to get a glimpse of the character of this deases.

According to the collected data:

** 79% (910/150) are over the age of 65
** 90% (1033/1150) are over the age of 55
** 3.5% are under 45
** 0.7 (9/1150) are under 35

Like other reports the VAST MAJORITY of the coronavirus deaths are people over age 65 — nearly 80%.

What is most shocking is the number of coronvirus deaths versus all deaths in the United States.

According to the CDC there are an average 7,838 deaths in the US every day. (446,778/57 days)

Using the CDC numbers only 0.2% of all deaths in US are due to coronavirus. (1150/446,778)
Using the Worldometer numbers 1.8% of all deaths in US are due to coronavirus (7896/446,778)

What is also interesting is the number of total deaths this year is lower than the same time period in previous years! (percent of expected deaths column in chart)