Posted BY: Alex Parker

A white entertainer is suing for racial prejudice.

For many years, aspiring black actors and actresses had the deck substantially stacked against them. And one thing I’ve noticed about America is that we’re good at re-stacking decks.

To use another metaphor, we’re not slow to grab the pendulum and swing it up to the sky. Might the culture have radically tick-tocked? Yes — just watch TikTok.

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And where racial casting in Hollywood is concerned, there’s been a clear change.

These days, TV and film are sticking it to the man. Performers who may have once found it difficult to get jobs now find themselves in the right place and time. A quick perusal of commercials reveals a departure from ways of yore: If four couples are presented, each might be bi-racial, and one may be gay. You might well glimpse a lone Caucasian, and don’t doubt the chance of transgenderism entering the frame.

Thanks to our evolution, there’s a statistical switcheroo: If you’re a Person of the Pale, your chance of snagging a role pales in comparison to 1986.

Anecdotally, I’ve heard it from Tinsletown tenants: The production breakdown indicates a search for “anything not white” to fill a given role.

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