Posted BY: Olivia Murray

For astute Americans, Arizona is a source of confusion. For a Pima County (Tucson) refugee, it’s part and parcel of the entrenched Uniparty and its coziness with… the Council on Foreign Relations.

If you were paying attention this election cycle, it’s likely several key races and their consuming details would have occupied your attention. For one, you probably followed the Oz–Fetterman matchup, consistently baffled at the descent into the bizarre, a disbelief which could have peaked at the debate-opening ‘adieu’ moment or possibly the announcement that the Pennsyltucky Orc was in fact the political victor. (I actually have family members who hail from and reside in the state, one of whom is so embarrassed, she’s decided that upon disclosing this information to new acquaintances, she will add “but I did not vote for Fetterman.”)

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