The AfD introduced a peace plan for Ukraine to the Bundestag. A classical music concert featuring Russian composers organized by the party underscored their demands.

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The Bundestag will discuss a motion in which the AfD parliamentary group today called for a German peace initiative to end the Ukraine war. It is “high time that the federal government remembered Germany’s responsibility for peace in Europe and finally acted more actively for the end of hostilities and for peace,” it said.

AfD members Tino Chrupalla, Alexander Gauland, and Matthias Moosdorf presented the AfD motion “Living up to Germany’s responsibility for peace in Europe”.

Germany has all but given up its role “as a neutral mediator in international conflicts and has passed on the costs to the uninvolved German people, who are now confronted with price increases and an uncertain energy supply,” it added.

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Instead, Berlin should emphatically advocate that an international peace delegation headed by a representative of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) be sent to the capitals of the two warring parties.

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