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(Natural News) Former CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield, recently appeared on an episode of Hill.TV’s Rising to warn that a “great pandemic is coming.” He said the new pandemic will be a consequence of international bioterrorism and gain-of-function research, which continues, despite being implicated as the cause of covid-19.

“I think it’s going to come, not from spillover, it’s going to come from gain-of-function research or intentional bioterrorism. It’s going to be a bird flu virus that is manipulated to be able to transmit human-to-human, very similar to what we saw with COVID,” Redfield said.

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In split with Fauci, Dr. Redfield calls for a renewed moratorium on gain-of-function research

During the interview, Redfield broke from his former colleagues, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins. “I do believe that Fauci and Collins are working in what they believe is in the best interest of science. I totally disagree with them. They are strong advocates of gain-of-function research. I am a strong advocate for a moratorium on gain-of-function research because I do believe it’s very probable that this pandemic was a direct consequence of science.”

Dr. Redfield, a virologist, was on former President Trump’s “Federal Coronavirus Task Force.” During the press briefings, Redfield sometimes broke from Fauci’s narratives. Thereunto, Redfield was not included in the infamous Feb 1, 2020 teleconference led by the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization. Redfield and other key scientists spoke out about evidence of SARS-CoV-2 coming from a lab, but their concerns were snuffed out as conspiracy theory, and Fauci directed the publishing of “The Proximal Origins of SARS-CoV-2” to assert that covid-19 was of natural origin, and any claims to the contrary were “misinformation.”

In the interview, Dr. Redfield said “there’s a strong interest in protecting their (Fauci’s) view — protecting “science” that is protecting gain-of-function research.” Dr. Redfield said Fauci tried to “shift the debate” and push a narrative “that this obviously didn’t come from the laboratory, this obviously came from nature.”

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