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After ignoring a phone call from the Vice President Pence in the middle of an international crisis, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was spotted partying with D.C. elite at a swanky new restaurant’s opening. 

You can’t say Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have priorities. The right ones? Not according to many prominent blue checkmark Twitter users, including Liz Cheney, who branded the San Francisco liberal a “disgrace” and “unfit for office.

On Tuesday, Iranian missiles targeted two American military installations in Iraq. Iran claimed 80 U.S. deaths while the United States hasn’t reported any casualties. Given the relative trustworthiness of the two sources, I’d say the latter is much, much closer to the truth.

The attacks were in response to the US drone strike that took out Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a commander of the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

As usual, Nancy Pelosi had loudly complained that congressional Democrats — one presumes she was referring to herself in particular — weren’t notified ahead of that action.

But when the Iranian missiles hit American bases on Tuesday, Pelosi was notified directly by the White House, but she was apparently more interested in getting her hands on a few free cocktails.

The incident was reported by Politico’s Heather Caygle.


In meeting tonight Speaker Pelosi was handed a note telling her VP Pence was on the phone,” Caygle tweeted.

“’Tell him I’ll call him back,’ she said according to sources in room, noting she had to go open the House for new session.

Two minutes later, she was handed note about air base bombing.

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