Kanye abruptly ends the contentious interview.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

After suggesting that Kanye West’s recent statements were proof that he was mentally unwell, former CNN host Chris Cuomo acknowledged that he was taking anti-depressants “every day.”

Cuomo, who now works for a YouTube channel called NewsNation, made the remarks during a combative interview with Ye which ended with the music icon abruptly ending the interview.

The two quickly clashed on the issue of Ye drawing attention to Jewish power influence in America, with West asserting, “When I wore the White Lives Matter shirt, the Jewish underground media mafia already started attacking me.”

“Look, there is no Jewish media cabal mafia,” Cuomo responded. “That is a figment of either your imagination or a prejudice.”

Ye countered by pointing out, “Over 50% of the executives in Hollywood, the CEOs are Jewish, and these guys know each other.”

After Cuomo claimed that Jews looking after their own interests was merely them “just being businessmen,” Ye shot back, “I’m not going to be owned by the Jewish media anymore.”

“Every celebrity has Jewish people in their contract, this is not hate speech, this is the truth,” Ye said. “And these people, if you say anything out of line with the agenda, your career could be over.”

After repeatedly interrupting Kanye and insisting his claims were “damaging to decency,” Cuomo then tried to suggest that Ye was mentally ill.

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“Here’s my concern for you,” Cuomo said. “When I hear how you talk about your personal life and you put things out there, you get into these looping thoughts of what you believe, it sounds to me like you are sometimes out of control and that this is something that you should be dealing with now.”

“Have you been taking care of your health, in terms of making sure that you are behaving and thinking at your best?” Cuomo asked.

“I love the way you worded it,” Ye responded. “The way you worded it, what you don’t realize is when it runs back, people are going to say, ‘Wow, have you been making sure you’re behaving?’”

After Cuomo dubiously claimed he was merely trying to ensure Ye was “taking care” of his health, Ye asked, “Did you work out this morning?”

“No,” Cuomo responded. “But I took my medicine! But I took the antidepressant medication that I take every day!”

Ye continued to insist that he was not engaging in “hate speech,” but merely relating his experiences.

“When I said def con 3, what I was saying is I’m going to talk about all these things that I saw that just so happen to be by Jewish executives or Jewish friends of mine where I saw people pulling my coattail, telling me to behave, instantly running the narrative that I’m off, that you need to take your meds,” Ye said. “I don’t get a clean platform to tell my truth without … being called suddenly crazy, saying I’m out of control.”

Ye ended the interview after Cuomo continued interrupting him.