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I would love to see the internal poll numbers on just how badly California Governor Gavin Newsom’s “Red State Tour” went over nationally. Newsom stopped caring a long time ago about how the California citizens who voted for him feel about the state of the state. But it is apparent that the national splash he thought he’d make by playing Brother Nanny Naysayer in Florida, Alabama, and Texas—states where former Californians have fled—made less than a ripple. If anything, the trip turned into backlash as his slap down from his posturing about Walgreens and the abortion pill indicate.

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Rightfully so. That expression, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” applies here, and Newsom’s glass house has a ton of damage. Newsom has done nothing about rampant homelessness save proposing throwing more money into the Homeless Industrial Complex™. Parents have to worry about their children overdosing in school bathrooms and public parks because coming in contact with just a bit of fentanyl is that deadly. And no one has bothered to investigate the cartel kickbacks from the drugs and human trafficking through California alone that are the result of President Joe Biden’s open border policies; policies that Newsom applauds and enables. Yeah, there’s lots of shattered glass, some of it being those mirrors Newsom refuses to gaze into.

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