Posted BY: Christopher Skeet

Barring a 3 A.M. multi-million ballot dump, the Republican Party is set to take control of both the House and the Senate.  From this result, I foresee two scenarios unfolding.

First, there is the reaction of the Left, which will be not to form a circular firing squad, but rather an infantry square, firing at anything outside their insulated box.  Since the Party can never err, it must be the fault of saboteurs, hoarders, kulaks, former Republican presidents, and those insufficiently devoted to the cause.

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First and foremost, they’ll blame their Useful Idiot, and before 2024 they’ll use promises of ice cream to lure him into the group home lounge to watch The Price is Right to make way for a more cognizant sock puppet.  They’ll blame Big Tech for not sufficiently censoring “misinformation.”  They’ll blame suburban white women.  They’ll blame nonexistent voter suppression.  They’ll blame white supremacy, transphobia, and ableism.   

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