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Actual human beings are getting phased out of health care in exchange for artificial intelligence (AI) robots that are now reportedly overruling nurses at hospitals.

The life-or-death decisions that have long been made by real people at healthcare facilities are now being made by computers that have been programmed with who-knows-what-to-do God-only-knows to patients.

One oncology nurse by the name of Melissa Beebe who relies on her observational skills to help patients in need of emergency care spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the changes she is seeing in the way care is administered due to the AI infiltration.

“I’ve been working with cancer patients for 15 years so I know a septic patient when I see one,” Beebe said about an alert she recently received in the oncology unit at UC Davis Medical Center in California that she knew was wrong. “I knew this patient wasn’t septic.”

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The alert Beebe received had been created by AI based on an elevated white blood cell count it observed in said patient, which it correlated with a septic infection. What the AI system failed to recognize is that the patient in question also had leukemia, which can also cause similar elevated white blood cell counts.

“The algorithm, which was based on artificial intelligence, triggers the alert when it detects patterns that match previous patients with sepsis,” the Journal reported. “The algorithm didn’t explain its decision.”

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