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Alabama’s newly elected Secretary of State Wes Allen visited the headquarters of ERIC, a Soros-backed company that handles voter rolls for a majority of America’s states.

His visit came a month after he decided to withdraw Alabama from ERIC, becoming one of the first states to do so after election observers reported a series of irregularities and issues with ERIC-maintained voter rolls.

In Michigan, observers and reporters found that ERIC was not properly cleaning voter rolls, leading to 104% of the state’s voting-age population is registered.

What Allen found at ERIC’s headquarters in Washington DC was shocking.

Not only does the company refuse to divulge where its databases are, with the head of the company living in Washington State, it also has an address listed for its headquarters that does not have any permanent staff present.

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The office, which is not even a permanent office, is rentable by the day, according to Allen.

Allen’s report is just one of many that have called ERIC’s ethics and transparency into question.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

After he won his election, Alabama’s new Secretary of State, Wes Allen, withdrew the state from the ERIC voter registration system.

However, Mr. Allen was not done with ERIC. He was in the Washington D.C. area last week for the 2023 NASS Winter Conference. It’s the annual meeting for all Secretary of State. In a brilliant move, he decided to visit the published address for ERIC’s headquarters. That address is 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste 600, Washington, DC 20036.

Allen said, “Since I was in town, I went to see the ERIC Headquarters. What I found was that there was no ERIC headquarters at that address. There were no employees. There were no servers. There was no ERIC presence of any kind. Instead. I found a virtual office that is rentable by the day. What it was missing was people, servers, and any sign of the ERIC team.”