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Does the former president know something that he’s not yet sharing?

The playing of the most recent Trump audio recording on CNN raises several important questions. First, how did CNN acquire the recording, which is part of an ongoing criminal investigation and prosecution? The only people who should have had access to it were prosecutors, the Trump aides who made the recording, and perhaps the Trump legal defense.

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If prosecutors leaked it, that would almost certainly constitute a crime or, at the very least a violation of Justice Department rules. If the Trump defense leaked it without Mr. Trump’s permission, that too would raise serious legal and ethical questions. CNN will almost certainly not disclose the source but others in the press should be asking these questions.

The second issue is whether there is any possible defense that the Trump legal team can offer to what the prosecution regards as a smoking gun with fingerprints. Mr. Trump claimed in an interview that what he showed the writer and publisher were not classified documents but rather newspaper and magazine reports on the issue.

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