Jones says Cruz ‘knows what’s about to happen to America, and well, he’s decided he’s going to join with them…’

Source: Alex Jones

Infowars host Alex Jones took Sen. Ted Cruz to the woodshed Thursday after the Texas Republican described the Jan. 6 protest as a “violent terrorist attack.”

On Thursday’s Alex Jones Show, Jones put Cruz’s comments this week during a Senate Rules committee hearing on par with lies uttered by Joe Biden during a Jan. 6 memorial.

“Biden came out and accused Trump of quote ‘spinning web of lies’ while promising to defend democracy,” Jones said, referencing a headline from Zero Hedge. “Oh yes… and [he] said that it was an ‘armed’ attack by terrorists on the capitol — and he’s got a little buddy helping echo that named Theodore Cruz.”

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According to Jones’ analysis, Cruz has decided to go along with the Democrats’ January 6 narrative in order to position himself to survive the oncoming purge of pro-Trump conservatives.

“And Ted Cruz knows that purge is coming and he wants to position himself so when the staged terror attacks happen he can point his finger at the patriots and say, ‘I’m not with the patriot terrorists,’ instead of saying, ‘The evidence shows it’s a false flag, and the globalists have the motive, and we need to stop them staging a false flag sometime in the next 300 days.’”

Cruz, Jones says, “knows what’s about to happen to America, and well, he’s decided he’s going to join with them and signal that he wants to be part of the vestigial conservative remnant that’s left after they fully destroy the country and start putting everybody in FEMA camps, so… that’s why that’s going on.”