Fox News host says Alex Jones correctly warned about the U.S. government’s attempts to control the flow of information and targeting of individuals who dissent against official narratives.

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

Fox News host Tucker Carlson admitted Infowars founder Alex Jones was right all along about the government seeking to control the flow of information.

Carlson made the observation while discussing the Biden administration’s failed attempt to create a “Ministry of Truth” arm of the Department of Homeland Security to impose censorship and reinforce government narratives.

“I can’t believe how right people like [journalist] Glenn Greenwald was back in the day about all of this when they first saw it,” said Common Sense Society editor Christopher Bedford.

“Well, and Alex Jones, for that matter, who said our intel agencies are interfering in domestic politics,” Carlson noted.

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“And people like me said that’s impossible, that’s illegal, that’s immoral. It’s totalitarian, and that can’t possibly be happening. You’re crazy. But that is happening, openly,” he added.

Bedford agreed, noting Jones and others were “completely right” about intelligence agencies turning their surveillance infrastructure used for foreign terrorism to target American citizens.

“The government’s working with Twitter now, that’s coming out. The government’s working to shut down scientists, to shut down doctors, to shut down people who later turned out to be completely correct,” he said.

“This is a pernicious campaign, it’s about information, it’s about banking…and it’s even about comedy and movies. Can’t we just have an open conversation in this country anymore?”

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