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Health experts are issuing warnings as Labor Day Weekend approaches in the United States due to concerns about a new Covid variant called ‘Pirola’ or BA.2.86. With summer ending and the holiday weekend approaching, experts are concerned that social gatherings could lead to a surge in Covid cases.

Patrick Gallahue from the New York City Department of Health emphasized the importance of precautions, especially for vulnerable populations. He recommended staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, using masks, testing, and staying home when sick as effective measures to combat the virus.

The CDC echoed these sentiments, advising people to be fully vaccinated before traveling and to consider wearing masks in crowded or poorly ventilated indoor spaces. They are particularly concerned about the potential for a spike in cases following Labor Day festivities.

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Mercedes Carnethon, a professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University, anticipates that the new variant may spread rapidly during the holiday weekend, primarily through travel and social events. However, she does not expect regulatory bodies to issue mask mandates, as public compliance has waned as the pandemic has progressed.

The article also mentions the expectation of an updated vaccine for new strains becoming available by the end of September, with the CDC recommending booster shots for everyone.

In conclusion, as Labor Day Weekend approaches, health experts are urging caution and recommending preventive measures such as vaccination and mask-wearing to mitigate the potential spread of the new Covid variant. However, they acknowledge the challenge of enforcing mask mandates at this stage of the pandemic, as public compliance has become more variable. The availability of a new vaccine for emerging strains offers hope for continued protection against the virus.