Posted BY: Robin M. Itzler

As we start the most magical time of the year, we must still make sure Republican leadership hears us through the mistletoe. Most conservative patriots remain disgusted that McConnell, McCarthy, and McDaniel (now known collectively as McFailure) did nearly nothing following the 2020 Presidential debacle. Their lack of spine and urgency to protest and legally challenge numerous election irregularities emboldened our “friends” across the aisle to be more blatant with election shenanigans. The proof is Arizona’s gubernatorial election.

State and national Republican leadership in Maricopa County, Arizona, made as much noise as cacti on Loop 101.

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Western Journal founder Floyd Brown was on Steve Bannon’s The War Room speaking about voting irregularities in Arizona:

On Election Day… We had a complete disaster. Complete malfeasance in Election Day voting and literally thousands of people left the polls. Here in my neighborhood, there was a three-hour wait… Everyone out here knows Kari Lake won the election fair and square but they’re doing everything they can to be able to stop her from taking over as governor… Kari Lake is one of the most talented politicians or spokesmen for the MAGA movement, period. She is an unbelievably gifted communicator… It’s very vital Steve. The truth is if we don’t control Arizona there is no pathway for any Republican, I don’t care if it’s DeSantis or Trump or any other possible candidate. Without Arizona there is no path to winning the next presidency.

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