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The Trump campaign plans to unleash an “all-out assault” following Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Wednesday announcement, while Team DeSantis plans to go all 10 rounds, associates close to both of the GOP contenders told the Daily Caller.

On the same day that Trump associates told the Daily Caller that they intended to “rip” DeSantis’ “head off,” an associate friendly with DeSantis’ campaign said he planned to do the “rope-a-dope,” a boxing term in which you allow your opponent to throw so many punches, he tires himself out.

Things will certainly bust open in many ways following DeSantis‘ official entry into the GOP primary. Trump will go on a full-scale attack, and DeSantis, for his part, would be able to raise money and make statements more openly.

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DeSantis is likely to continue holding back and taking his shots more carefully though, associates say.

“Trump is a slugger. He likes to throw haymakers. DeSantis is more strategic. He’s more of a boxer. He’s more of a 15-round guy,” Bill Mitchell, an independent talk show host friendly with the DeSantis campaign, told the Caller.

Mitchell then compared DeSantis to boxer Muhammad Ali, who was famous for employing the “rope-a-dope” tactic in his fight against “slugger” George Foreman.

“While Donald Trump uses a shotgun, Ron DeSantis uses a scalpel,” Republican strategist John Thomas agreed. Thomas also noted that it would be a “mistake” for DeSantis to continue to be quiet once he announces, predicting he will “rebut the broadside attacks” coming from the former president.

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