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Hinds County Supervisor David Archie has made startling accusations against his Democratic opponent following the recent primary election for County Supervisor. In a press conference, Archie presented what he claims is evidence of election malpractice. He alleges that County Democrat Party Chairwoman Jacque Amous was involved in cheating during the election.

Archie asserts that he possesses video footage showing Amous bringing thumb drives and ballots into the counting room and inserting them into ES&S machines. Additionally, he alleges that Amous was part of a conspiracy to tamper with the election, citing a text message conversation that he claims was sent to her. The message reportedly read, “Hey, don’t let them cheat Deborah Dixon out of her election. She won fair and square.” Amous is alleged to have responded with solid language indicating hostility towards Archie.

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Archie’s accusations have created a significant stir, with questions surrounding the integrity of the election process. However, it’s worth noting that Archie did not share the alleged evidence during the press conference, leaving many eager to see the proof behind these claims.

In response to the allegations, Amous issued a statement defending the conduct of the Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee during the August 8th Democratic Primary. She maintained that the election was conducted by applicable state law and that the results had been properly canvassed and certified. Amous acknowledged Archie’s right to challenge the results and expressed readiness to cooperate with any necessary actions.

In conclusion, David Archie’s accusations of election misconduct in the Hinds County Democratic primary have raised concerns about the integrity of the election process. However, these allegations will need to be thoroughly investigated to determine their validity. Amous and the Democratic Executive Committee stand firm in their assertion that the election was conducted within the bounds of the law and are prepared to address any challenges that may arise. The future of this situation hinges on the presentation of concrete evidence and the due process of the law.