Source: Leisa Audette

“Almost just holding on”…Australian Psychiatrist Gets Real About Biden…Something You’ll Never Hear from American Media

How lame is the American media? So lame that it takes foreign media to address the serious subject of Biden’s mental state. It’s not like there aren’t enough examples to study. Every appearance Biden makes, there is a guarantee that a gaffe will happen. Our media looks the other way and excuses Biden’s failings.

Australia’s Andrew Bolt brought psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed on-air to talk about Joe Biden’s mental state.

Dr. Ahmed says Biden has gotten gradually worse over the past year. He says Biden gives the impression of “just holding on” and mentions confabulation as a symptom of “early dementia.” Confabulation is when someone with dementia fills gaps in memories with false memories. Last week, Biden claimed he drove 18 wheelers but it never happened. He’s confusing things that he imagined with real memories.

The comments from the psychiatrist are spot on. Thanks to Australia for saying what everyone else in American media should be saying.