PHILADELPHIA - JANUARY 8: Dr. Alveda King, founder of King for America, Inc., gestures at the Justice Sunday III rally on January 8, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sponsored by the Family Research Council, the rally was held one day before the start of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Samuel …

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., urged Americans to see humanity as “one race” and “one blood” united via divine creation in a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Rick Manning.

Mansour invited King’s comment on the state of race relations, highlighting a February-published Gallup poll showing increasing dissatisfaction with race relations over recent years.

Mansour noted, “Gallup has been polling on [race relations] for a number of years; since 2001, at least. Back in 2001, at least 70 percent of black Americans graded race relations as very good or somewhat good, and 62 percent of white people agreed. Now, it shows that over time — and it started in 2013 — our attitude and optimism towards race relations has taken a nosedive, and now it’s almost at a really low ebb. Only 55 percent of white Americans, and only 49 percent of black Americans view race relations in a positive light.

Mansour asked, “All of the stories out now that seem to be pulling us apart — especially the Jussie Smollett thing that just happened — how do we come back and heal? What do we need to do? What’s going on with our country, right now?”

“Consciously … I made a decision that I would not defend anybody for being called a racist, anymore,” replied King. “I would not fight against people and call others racist. I would come up with this particular truth. We hold many truths to be self-evident. Well, this should be one of those truths. Of one blood, God made the human race. God created the human race.”


King recalled, “My uncle, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or perish together as fools. Well, you can’t be brothers and sisters with a different race. So we are one blood. We all bleed the same, and as a result we are the human race.”

King continued, “Now, we have different ethnic groups — different ethnic distinctions — and that’s a good thing. We should celebrate our differences. We can’t go around and say, ‘I don’t see color. I’m colorblind,’ because if you don’t see my color, you have a deficiency. Colorblindness is a medical condition. It could be a spiritual condition. Open your eyes. See me. Celebrate me. Love me. Respect me. Regard me, and I will do that for you as my brother or sister. So we can see color.”

King concluded, “You know that old saying, if we don’t know our history we’ll repeat it? Well, if we don’t know our history we also can’t repeat the good part of our history; the good things. So we must now see ourselves as human beings with ethnic differences, socioeconomic differences, but one blood, and if we do that more, that’s how we’re going to break through this new rash of racism, I call it. But we have to understand that we’re one human race. Praise the Lord.”

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