Source: The Sun

AMAZON was given the green light by federal regulators to deploy a radar sensor that monitors peoples’ sleeping. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday gave AmazonInc. the go-ahead to utilize a radar sensor technology to detect motion in three dimensions and “enable contactless sleep tracing functionalities.”

“The use of Radar Sensors in sleep tracking could improve awareness and management of sleep hygiene, which in turn could produce significant health benefits for many Americans,” Amazon wrote in a June 22 filing seeking approval to market the radar gizmo, according to a Bloomberg report.

“Radar Sensors will allow consumers to recognize potential sleep issues.”

The tech giant suggests the item will empower people to precisely monitor sleep “with mobility, speech, or tactile impairments,” according to the filing.

Amazon didn’t immediately comment on the federal government’s endorsement. 

This week, the company’s founder Jeff Bezos officially announced he was handing the CEO reins to Andy Jassy, who previously ran Amazon’s cloud-computing business.

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