Posted BY: Tom McAllister

As our nation proceeds through the holidays, Christians celebrate the birth of their Lord. Despite this season that traditionally emphasizes hope, many are pondering in trepidation the fate of our country as it continues to veer deeper into postmodern secularism. How or who can help us alter our current trajectory toward destruction? According to one famous pastor, it’s not going to be the church.

Andy Stanley, who leads one of the largest multi-campus churches in America, tweeted this summer that “saving America is NOT the mission of the church.” That’s true as the mission of the Church is to “make disciples.” However, these are not mutually exclusive initiatives. They are quite compatible and synergistic. In fact, it could be argued that had the Church experienced even modest success in the pursuit of its mission over the past threescore years, our nation would not be in the precarious situation it faces today. Let’s examine these two objectives of making disciples and saving America further.

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