Posted BY: Molly Slag

A few days ago, on several internet news sites, a bone-chilling claim appeared: The U.S. is looking to the Ukraine war to shape its planning for the coming conflict with China over Taiwan. This is completely wrong because there is no connection between events in Ukraine and a possible Chinese assault on Taiwan.

The comparison between current events in Ukraine and possible future events in Taiwan has been common practically since the Ukraine conflict began.

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On May 19, 2022, Politico wrote that “U.S. officials are pushing their Taiwanese counterparts with new urgency to look to Ukraine’s success in fending off Russian forces as a blueprint for countering a Chinese attack.”

Less than a year later, News published an article entitled, “How Ukraine war has shaped US planning for a China conflict“: “As the war rages on in Ukraine, the United States is doing more than supporting an ally. It’s learning lessons — with an eye toward a possible future clash with China.”

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