Other America First accounts were removed around the same time, with some commentators suggesting a purge is on the way

Source: National File

Jaden McNeil, a popular America First livestreamer and commentator, was banned from Twitter on Wednesday evening, with fellow commentator Nick Fuentes receiving a temporary suspension shortly after.

McNeil’s Twitter account, which had almost 30,000 followers, was permanently suspended on Wednesday. At the time of writing, it is unclear exactly what reason Twitter gave for the ban. McNeil was best known for being the founder of America First Students, an alternative banner for campus conservatives to organize under, as opposed to other conservative student organizations that had been criticized for not fully aligning with the America First agenda.

Ashley Goldenberg, also known as Communism Kills, was banned from Twitter last year after questioning the mass removal of QAnon accounts from the site. “I foresee a purge going on of everyone still on Twitter,” Goldenberg said Wednesday on McNeil’s suspension. “The timing is too coincidental.” Goldenberg added that prior to her permanent ban, she only over received one warning, which had been overruled.

Shortly following Fuentes’s tweet, the official America First Updates account, which provides details regarding Fuentes’s live show, America First, was also permanently banned, along with a number of other pro-America First accounts. Fuentes himself received a 1 week temporary suspension within an hour of McNeil’s removal, with zero reason given by Twitter.

“It’s a totally coordinated purge of AF people,” Fuentes said on his Telegram account. “We knew this would happen, already happened everywhere else.” The America First commentator suggested that the Southern Poverty Law Center, the leftist organisation known for targeting conservatives, was behind the purge. “SPLC has been gunning for me hard since January 6th,” he added.

Michelle Malkin, the longtime conservative commentator who aligned herself with America First, tweeted following McNeil’s Twitter ban that the “playing field is rigged.”

Before he was temporarily suspended from Twitter, Fuentes said that allies of the America First movement should “grow our presence on a more permanent home like Gab or Telegram,” and encouraged everyone to create an account on the Alt Tech platforms.