Posted BY: Vince Coyner

Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and he certainly tried hard to do so. Under his watch, we saw the politicization of federal agencies under his watch, victimization becoming a virtue, and the government intruding into Americans’ health decisions. We can also see the damage his Justice Department inflicted as it coerced cities around the country into “consent decrees” that neutered police forces. There is of course much more but, in reality, the most fundamental transformation for which Barack Obama is responsible has nothing to do with his time in office.

The backlash against Obama’s leftist policies brought us the unabashed patriot, Donald Trump. But by the time Trump was inaugurated, cancer from Obama’s eight years in office had done its damage, and many in the federal government had become fully engaged members in the cult of progressivism. From the fiction that America has widespread “white supremacy,” to environmental extremism, to LBGTQXYZ fanaticism, to the open borders lockstep, leftism was now baked into much of the government ruling America.

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Trump shocked the world and stepped into a Washington that more resembled a swamp of vipers than the seat of a functioning government. The leftist cabal—including a wide swath of those government workers—spent 4 years seeking to derail the plans of the duly elected president of the United States. This treachery culminated in November 2020 when the government colluded with the media and social media to execute a coup against the sitting president under the guise of “The most secure election in American history.”

And it is that coup with which Barack Obama achieved his greatest success in “transforming” the United States because it gave us Joe Biden.

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