Source: Steve McCann

Over the past fifty years, the Marxist-inspired American Left has been hellbent on trying to convince the citizenry that the United States is and always has been a malevolent nation due to “systemic racism” and “white privilege.”  According to their agitprop, the European branch of the Caucasian race (or more contemptuously, “Whites”) has, since the dawn of recorded history, been the principal promoters and beneficiaries of slavery and repression throughout the world.  Those members of this villainous race who settled in this country over the past 400 years are responsible for imposing never-ending racism and inequity on the American continent. 

Therefore, the current white population must openly confess their collective guilt and seek forgiveness.  Additionally, and in light of this demonic legacy, every American of any race should be mortified to be a citizen of such vile irredeemable country and its historic roots in Judeo-Christian dogma.

Not coincidentally, this same American Left, or as Mark Levin more accurately labels them,  American Marxists, have declared that there is a path toward national redemption and a mechanism to forever erase the stain of “white privilege” and “systemic racism.”  It is for the American Marxists (almost entirely populated by members of the white race) to assume the reins of power in perpetuity and transform the nation into a one-party secular socialist paradise.  Their permanent ascendancy to the top of the governing pyramid would be the only means for those members of the White race that are not part of the enlightened and ruling left to be granted absolution. 

The American Marxists are apparently confident that a majority of Americans of the White race and European heritage are easily gulled, susceptible to guilt and shame and are willing to stand aside as the nation is transformed.   

Well, I am a member of the Caucasian race and of European heritage, I am a naturalized citizen of the United States, and I am a Christian.  I am extraordinarily proud of being all the above.  Further, even if I knew who my ancestors were, I do not have a scintilla of guilt nor do I care about what they may or may not have done over the centuries.  Nor am I about to roll over and allow the wannabe autocrats and their dimwitted acolytes in the American Marxist movement to use fictitious “systemic racism” and “white privilege” as vehicles to transform the nation.

In reality, there is but one race as all mankind is physically the same and subject to the same attributes and frailties.  But, as human beings have an inveterate need to classify themselves, the general consensus is that, based on physical characteristics such as bone structure, skin color, etc., there are four racial subsets of the human race.  Throughout countless millennia, and not surprisingly as mankind easily falls prey to the base aspect of its nature, all four races have enslaved, violently subjugated, and exploited others in and outside their racial group.    In fact, it is estimated that virtually everyone of European descent has an ancestor that was captured or sold as a slave.  The same holds true for essentially everyone within all the various races.

Sadly, slavery still exists to this day in multiple countries in Africa as well as in India, China, and Pakistan among other Asian countries and across the entirety of the Middle East. It is estimated that throughout the world today there are over 40 million human beings in slavery. 

None of these countries or regions are populated or controlled by the “evil” White race.  Further, by 1863, all nations inhabited or governed by the ancestors of the current members of the white race had abolished slavery in perpetuity and turned their attention to guaranteeing the rights of former slaves.  It is the only race, on a collective basis, to ever do so.  And it is also the race that is at the forefront of movements to end modern slavery.

So, American Marxists, take your attempt to foment collective white guilt for the past and your vapid accusation of inborn White supremacy and shove it.

The assertion made by these same American Marxists that the United States is the embodiment of evil because of ever-present “systemic racism” is defeated by the mere fact that they have had to resort to this specious and feeble argument in their bid to achieve their goals.  Since the beginning of the 20th Century, the left has been unable to make any serious inroads into transforming the United States into a one-party “socialist paradise” by using the standard class warfare tactic that succeeded in many other nations.  That tactic worked in those nations because there was an element of truth in the underlying allegations of rampant inequality due to rigid class structures and monolithic governments.

That tactic did not work in America because this is the first nation in annals of mankind to eliminate rigid class structure, recognize the rights of the individual, dramatically disburse governmental power, and champion capitalism.  Further, it is also the first nation to create a written permanent Constitution with provisions to correct societal inequalities, which were used for women’s suffrage in 1920 and the elimination of the last vestiges of institutional racism in the 1960s.  It is the only nation in history that was willing to suffer the overwhelming death and destruction of a civil war to permanently end slavery.  And it is the only country in the annals of mankind created as a multi-ethnic nation.

Thus, the only tactic the American Marxist have is to falsely cast the nation as irredeemably racist and to focus on the past through their distorted lens of the present.  This is not a racist nation and despite their never-ending drumbeat and being able to convert some credulous citizens, a majority of Americans know that.  In 2008, 77% of Americans (60% of Blacks) thought race relations were good in their individual communities. 

So, American Marxists: take your attempt to cast this as a racist nation and your attempt to convince the citizenry they should be mortified to be citizens of the United States and shove it.

Christianity, with its roots in Judaism and its philosophical underpinning in the Ten Commandments, has been the primary driver of what is often referred to as Western Civilization.  The civilization that ended slavery, initiated and promoted universal human rights, originated women’s equality, created parliamentary democracy, and recognized that as certain rights came from God and not man, they cannot be abrogated.   

Thus, Christianity and Judaism are anathema to the Marxists.  Throughout the world, they have vilified and often tortured and imprisoned their practitioners.  For many decades, the American Marxists have sought to eliminate Christianity and Judaism from the public square by focusing on the human failings and foibles of individual practitioners and clergy while promoting agnosticism, atheism, and anti-Semitism.  And more recently, by attempting to change the laws and customs that protect freedom of religion.  But 400 years of tradition cannot be easily erased and, thus, America has been and will always be a religious nation.

Every American should be proud of being a member of whatever race or ethnic group they may belong to, of being a citizen of a nation that is the shining city on the hill and of the Judeo-Christian roots in the founding of the United States and tell the American Marxists to take their vile attempts at manipulating the citizenry in order to transform America and shove it.