Posted BY: Bruce Deitrick Price

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live under communism?  Well, now you know.

The last two years have seen a parade of dumb and dumber policies, the kind you expect in totalitarian dictatorships.  The distinguishing traits are as follows: rulers show contempt for their serfs; policy wonks concoct an endless stream of counterproductive ideas; and casual cruelty hurts everyone, day after day.  Here are a dozen examples.

Think back to Biden’s decision to shut down the pipeline bringing petroleum from Canada.  Could anything be more irrational than shutting down a functioning pipeline, thus causing higher prices for everyone (and giving Putin the money he needed to invade a neighbor)?  Then we had the president wandering around foreign countries begging for their petroleum.  Millions of Americans knew for the first time what a totalitarian society feels like.  The top guy is nuts, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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Doing the same period, Dr. Fauci gave us a fabulously disruptive epidemic.  Fauci was almost bragging that one million would die even as other experts declared that virtually no one had to die.  Fauci seemed to take pleasure in weird regulations and imposition.  A lot of his measures were in fact the wrong ones.  Fauci was able to make the country’s medical system do as told.  Therapeutics that might help, and had been widely available at your local pharmacy for decades, were suddenly illegal.

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