Source: J.B. Shurk

From time to time, I am accused of being a bit too optimistic about America’s future — which I find a tad amusing because past experiences have chiseled my worldview into something more akin to cynical realism than unicorns flying on fairy dust.  I’ve seen enough to understand just how deeply man’s cruelty can cut.  I’ve peeked behind a few curtains and learned how monstrous lies get peddled as truths.  And I have no doubts about the magnitudes of the various domestic and foreign threats surrounding us.

What I do have, however, is a profound faith in God, an appreciation for human history, and a committed belief that Americans are a gritty and determined people who generally excel most when all is nearly lost.  I mean no disrespect to the citizens of other nations; I know there are heroes and history-makers among the populations of every country on Earth.  But dollars to doughnuts, I’d take a feisty, ragtag group of ordinary Americans by my side were I ever facing long odds and dwindling options.  Americans love to fight but can be convinced to control their bubbling anger for a spell.  However, when fighting the good fight becomes not only necessary, but also righteous in nature, then Heaven help those who get in their way!

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There is something almost feral in the American spirit, a kind of attitude that is part can-do and part you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do!  The One-World-Government internationalists running the federal bureaucracy have done their best to beat this disrespect for authority out of the American people, but it’s still there, just below the surface, sort of stewing in its juices until all hell breaks loose.

I swear, the worst thing you can tell an American if you seek his surrender is, “You can’t win this battle,” because he’ll take that as a damn challenge and double down in his obstinacy.  That’s one of the reasons I know the globalists pushing this Build Back Better BS haven’t really thought through their plans for world domination.  They’re counting on “the good German” or “the kind Canadian” or the “grin-and-bear-it Brit” to take what’s coming and accept the New World Order in stride.  But all those World Economic Forum SOBs are totally clueless about the average American’s psychology.  Yeah, government propaganda appealing to Americans’ sense of compassion and moral duty works for a while, but when those same Americans start to feel that official organs of power have pulled the wool over their eyes and disrespected them as fools, well, that’s when Americans’ dormant “rebel” DNA kicks in with true gusto.

The Great Reset Gestapo pushing all this Build Back Better boobery down our throats thinks that if all the right billionaires, corporations, and celebrities get together and say abracadabra, Americans will snap to attention and embrace whatever “rules-based international order” comes their way.  You say Bill Gates, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab have endorsed fake meat, windmills, and rule by elites?  Well, sign us up!  You mean Prince Charles and other European royals are all in for the Green New Deal?  Well, why didn’t you say so?  Hollywood and the Woke Capital Class think we better do exactly what they say in order to save the planet?  Well, of course we’ll follow those yahoos anywhere!  Not!

What kind of “medicinals” are the one percent of the one percent smoking these days?  Appealing to “authorities” for (non-leftist) Americans is not at all different from appealing to the “better angels” of Congress.  We know that billionaires, monarchs, and celebrities have opinions; we just don’t give two shakes what those opinions might be.  When we say emphatically, “All men are created equal,” there is no boilerplate fine print for us down below qualifying, “Except for corrupt politicians, noble leftovers from the days of medieval feudalism, corporate oligarchs, or communist dictators, all of whom are obviously superior to and entitled to rule over the rest of us in perpetuity.”  No siree!  We have about as much use for a permanent ruling class as Dr. Fauci has for an introductory ethics textbook — that is to say, none at all!

Ever since COVID-1984 mania was unleashed (intentionally or unintentionally — maybe time will tell) upon the world, the hypnotic drumbeat emanating from the Davos Druids has been steady: trust the experts.  Obey.  Mandates will set you free.  None in the media dare call it “reprogramming,” but that’s clearly what it has been.  So confident in its powers of propaganda and so contemptuous of the notion of free will, the global coalition of the self-righteous has been certain that if it rings the right bells and rewards us with the right treats, a new obedient class of American serfs can be cultivated in Pavlovian fashion.

Instead, Americans have learned not to trust “the Experts.”  They’ve grown weary of obedience.  They’ve begun to remember that, in a free society, it is they who do the mandating.  And they’ve got a pretty good idea where they’d like to shove that government bell should it need muting in the future.

The globalist cabal set out to use a combination of fear and financial stimulus to lead sleepwalking Americans into a new system of “compliance.”  Instead, more Americans have awakened from this COVID-1984 nightmare with a clear understanding of just what’s at stake.  Even worse, what’s at stake hits Americans at their core.  Free speech, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, the right to make a living, the right to control one’s future, privacy — these aren’t esoteric minutiae regarded by Americans as the playthings of philosophers and poets.  These are the building blocks that give Americans a sense of their own historic identity.

You can’t be against free speech but be pro-American.  You can’t be in favor of “rule by elite” and still support American self-governance.  You can’t believe that liberty is “selfish” and still fly the red, white, and blue with pride.  The globalists have spent the last several years putting into place policies that effectively say, “Americans, destroy yourselves.”  And to their continuing amazement, more and more Americans have looked around, become disgusted with what they see, and told the globalists, “You first!”

Righteous anger is a force to be reckoned with.  Hand that righteous anger to an American, and he not only finds renewed purpose, but finds a good reason to fight.  You wake up enough Americans to the reality that the only war worth fighting today is the one pitting the preservation of individual liberty against the emergence of some monstrous form of corporate-government totalitarianism, and all of a sudden the future imagined by the New World Order devotees doesn’t look so certain.  You get, in other words, the beginnings of an American Renaissance.  And all it took was a bunch of out-of-touch politicians in D.C., multinational oligarchs manipulating world events, and committed ideological communists to make the unforced error of forgetting that Americans do not like being told what to do!