Posted BY: Blaine L. Pardoe

In this post-election haze, many conservatives are understandably confused. If the economy was such a high-priority issue, and the Democrats were mostly responsible for the runaway inflation — why didn’t the Republicans win more seats?  Efforts to lay the blame at the doorstep of Donald Trump are pointless and a wasted exercise. Pointing to abortion as a key issue deflects from the real issue at hand.

The cause of the election loss is relatively simple — Americans have not suffered enough pain with this economy — yet. 

Inflation hits everyone — it is an indiscriminate irritant that impacts people regardless of class, race, or any other social divider.  It is bad, everyone knows the actual rate of inflation is higher than what the government has reported. Inflation is experienced every day, on every shopping trip. Over a third of the country saw their retirement funds take hits that will require years to recover from as the stock market attempted to react to the inflationary spending out of Washington, D.C. 

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The problem is, that while inflation is frustrating, Americans haven’t felt the real pains of a down economy. Inflation is something that people manage.  They purchase less or change what they spend money on.  Instead of purchasing an expensive six-pack of craft beer, people will buy a less expensive beer.  Rather than buy steak, they will purchase alternatives to ease the pain.  The number of nights eating out is reduced or the restaurants that are chosen are less expensive. The bottom line is that no one is starving as a result of the current inflation. Inflation is a force that can be mitigated — it can be coped with. 

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