Posted BY: Dawn Merrill

Human beings are hardwired for a belief system.  You, as a human being, are pre-programmed to believe in something.  Why do so many people today believe in things that are, objectively, untrue?  And how do we get our Nation back?

Any student of history can tell you why.  Common belief systems evolved as a mechanism of basic survival.  Survival today is far less difficult than in the past, and that is part of how and why current belief systems are so fractured.  When societies start to break down, tribalism forms and previously common belief systems collapse.  Nature abhors a vacuum.

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Western civilization has evolved to the point of devolution.  Technology has broken the ties between us, even as it was supposed to strengthen them.  We look at screens, not at each other.  We speak with texts, and emails, and messages, none of which facilitate communication, but restrict it to words alone.  Spoken and written language is amazing, but it is supported by other things.  No body language, no tone of voice, no facial expressions, and no eye-to-eye contact means a loss of communication. 

Few people actually use video to communicate with each other; they only post one-sided videos.  We are not connected as people anymore and evolution never planned for this situation.   We have begun to move backward, even as our lives have become insanely easier in first-world countries.  And once common belief systems have broken down.

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