Some touted legislation Biden spearheaded, while others slammed him on border, economy, Afghanistan, and more

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On the heels of President Biden announcing his re-election bid, Americans sounded off on his greatest accomplishments and biggest failures since taking office. 

“His failure, I think just generally speaking, is for the country. He’s failing our country,” Barbara told Fox News. 

Colton, however, said: “I like that he got the Build Back Better bill pushed through. It’s tough right now to get anything pushed through with just how much division there is.”

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Biden is the de facto front-runner to secure the Democratic presidential nomination after launching his re-election campaign Tuesday. Some Americans touted the president’s successes, but others told Fox News they couldn’t think of a single accomplishment.

“Absolutely nothing,” Suzanne said.

Nancy said she’s “not very positive” toward Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris.

“I wish I could say something positive,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

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