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Frail Joe Biden faced criticism for ignoring pressing questions about the increasing cost of living in the United States while emphasizing the positive aspects of the latest job numbers report. Biden touted the country’s job creation achievements, highlighting that America is currently experiencing one of the most robust periods of job growth in its history. He also noted the recovery of all jobs lost during the pandemic, contrasting it with his predecessor’s job record.

The majority of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck despite the apparent job growth. When asked about this concerning trend, Biden chose not to respond to the question, leaving it unanswered. The monthly jobs report serves as a key metric for the Biden administration to portray increased job numbers as a sign of prosperity.

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Other economic indicators present a less rosy picture. The record trade deficit, in particular, contradicts the narrative of economic growth. A high trade deficit suggests that the U.S. is producing fewer goods and services domestically while importing more, despite the rising job numbers. This could imply that Americans are taking on multiple jobs without a corresponding increase in productivity.

Furthermore, data from July indicates that Americans are facing higher expenses and diminishing savings, implying that they are spending more while saving less. This economic strain challenges the notion of economic prosperity, and some critics argue that “Bidenomics” is negatively impacting the American population.

A critical disconnect between the positive portrayal of job growth and the harsh reality of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and facing a growing cost of living. President Biden’s avoidance of questions on this issue raises concerns about the effectiveness of his economic policies. While job numbers may be on the rise, other economic indicators suggest that many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet, and this issue remains a pressing concern.