“No matter where we went, enthusiasm for the vaccine wasn’t easy to find,” reporter admits

Source: Infowars.com

An amusing clip from CNN shows a reporter gobsmacked after a restaurant full of people refused to raise their hand when asked if they’d take the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Does anybody in this restaurant think it’s a good idea to take the COVID vaccine?” the reporter asked them.

Not a single person responded.

“Not one person here thinks it’s a good idea?” the reporter asked in disbelief. “Complete quiet.”

Later in the segment, the reporter asked some Oklahomans whether they’d take the vaccine.

“Are you going to take the vaccine?” he asked a man, who responded: “No sir. I don’t trust the government and I don’t trust Biden.”

Another man explained that, like getting the flu after receiving the flu shot, he didn’t want to risk contracting COVID through the jab, as has been documented in some cases.

“Why do you think that? The research doesn’t show that at all. It shows that it keeps people safe,” the reporter falsely claimed.

Another woman expressed her concern that the vaccines have not been properly tested after being quickly mass produced.

“Well, yeah, but they – I mean, this has been a worldwide effort by great doctors,” the reporter claimed.

The woman correctly noted that even the common flu still hasn’t been cured despite annual flu shots being produced.

“A lot of people die from the flu but not nearly as much as COVID, this is a horrible pandemic and this is like an amazing vaccine, these vaccines that have come out. They’re saving lives,” the reporter insisted.

“We’ll just agree to disagree on this subject,” the woman replied.

The CNN reporter became even more shocked after a Republican man told him that he wouldn’t take the vaccine even if President Trump promoted it aggressively.

“Trump is a liberal New Yorker. Why would we listen to him, either?” another man said, adding, “he was the best option” as president.

The reporter concluded: “No matter where we went, enthusiasm for the vaccine wasn’t easy to find.”

This comes as the establishment’s concern over a large population of people not getting the vaccine is reaching a fever pitch, with NIH Director Francis Collins warning that efforts to convince vaccine skeptics must be ramped up.