Posted BY: Kathleen Brush

Listening carefully during the State of the Union, you could hear roaring laughter in Beijing when President Biden again said that J6 was the greatest threat to America since the Civil War. Biden is China’s perfect stooge. China has a long-term mission to retaliate against the West, with a bullseye on America, for a Century of Humiliation (1839-1949). To succeed, China must have political and racial unity and opportunities to strike, like an American president driving political, racial, and military disunity and invested in the mythical J6 monster.

It was easy to humiliate the Chinese in the 19th century because they believed that the use of military force was a sign of weakness. For more than a millennium, the Chinese brought nations into their fold using psychology. However, psychology was no match for foreigners firing modern weapons.

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Successive humiliations inspired Chinese intellectuals to postulate what was occurring. The stickiest theory reads like the seminal thinking on Critical Race Theory (CRT). The world was divided into five races. The inferior Brown, Black, and Red races, collectively called the colored races, and the superior fair-skinned White and Yellow races. The Yellow race would remain in a long-term struggle with the White rulers, but eventually, the Yellow would win because the Whites were arrogant and lazy, while Yellows were humble and diligent. A belief in Han Chinese superiority is sacrosanct and as old as China.

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