Hollywood Is Making Grumpy Cat: The Movie


Source: Lloyd Marcus

Everywhere I turn, I hear pundits on our side saying Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for victimizing fumbling-stumbling Joe Biden, conspiring for him to be their presidential nominee.

In my view, Joe Biden is only a victim of his own arrogance, ego, and wickedness. When you look up “sleazy politician” in the dictionary, Joe Biden’s picture is there. His modus operandi of becoming rich via political corruption is well documented.

My focus is on how Biden does not give a rat’s derriere about the lives of Americans. He is nasty, rude, and even threatens voters with physical harm who dare to challenge his statements or disagree with him. Biden is quick to irresponsibly stir the pot-of-racial-hate and division for political gain.

Addressing a black congregation at a 2020 MLK event, Biden outrageously referred to Trump as “this president and his Ku Klux Klan…” Biden’s cold and calculating proclamation must not be taken lightly. This wicked man insidiously sought to generate racial hate for Trump and his MAGA cap wearing supporters.

Biden calling Trump the KKK president furthers Democrats’ and fake news medias’ lie that the 63 million who elected Trump are white supremacists which makes America a hellhole of racism in which blacks are undermined and routinely gunned down by cops. This bogus evil narrative has led to senior and female Trump supporters being beaten, along with police assassinations. But Biden does not care. His deceptive message to blacks is “vote for me to keep racist white America and cops off your backs.”

As a proud and grateful American who happens to be black, I thought it was extremely racist and insulting for Biden to say that requiring a photo ID to vote disenfranchises blacks. Biden’s comment reflects Democrats’ constant bigotry of lowered expectations in regard to blacks. It is frustrating that so many black brain-dead Democrat loyalists still view Democrats as our advocates. Democrats seek to block having to show a photo ID to vote because it stops voter fraud — dead people, convicted felons, people voting multiple times and illegal aliens voting for Democrats.

The truth is Democrats view black Americans as useful idiots, throwing us crumbs every election season.  Trump has implemented real hope and change for black Americans.

Along with every Democrat presidential contender and Democrat member of Congress, Biden’s mission is to gain power to control every aspect of every American’s life. Therefore, Biden will say anything to achieve his sinister goal.

In response to a voter calling out Biden for his plan to repeal our Second Amendment right to bear arms, Biden angrily got into the gentleman’s face and said, “You’re full of sh*t!” This incident happened shortly after Biden announced his plan to place rabid anti-Second Amendment activist Beto O’Rourke in charge of confiscating guns. Biden’s attitude towards the gentleman voter screamed his attitude of superiority. How dare this mere insubordinate peasant confront him with facts.

When elected, Biden promises to implement the Green New Deal, which will do catastrophic damage to Trump’s unprecedented booming economy.  The Wacko Democrat authors of the Green New Deal say if we do not implement their plan immediately, the earth will be unlivable in less than 12 years. Their insane progressive dream for America includes eliminating 99% of cars, ending air travel, gutting and rebuilding every building in America, banning affordable energy, guaranteeing a government job, free education for life, banning the eating of meat and more.  Can you say Total Control of every aspect of our lives, boys and girls?

Biden promises to cut hundreds of thousands of oil and natural gas jobs to comply with the crazy overreaching environmental demands in the Green New Deal.

The bottom line is Joe Biden is a grumpy man who is lacking in character. Some folks are giving 77-year-old Biden a pass, claiming his meanness is due to his age.

I live in a tiny town in West Virginia in which we must pick up our mail daily from the post office. I met an elderly gentleman who walks in baby steps at the door of the post office. I said, “Sir, every time I see you, you are smiling.” He replied, “I’m 90 years old. My wife died two weeks ago at 92. Still, you can always find something to smile about.” Wow! That man has a great spirit and a great attitude even at 90 years old.

As president, Joe Biden would be America’s worst nightmare.

The Bible says, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2

I am not being mean. I am simply being honest. Joe Biden is wicked.