Posted BY: M.B. Mathews

Some are saying that the death of Tyre Nichols was due to “bad policing” or perhaps affirmative action hiring.

Neither is truly the main reason.

The Tyre Nichols tragedy was due to a spiritual void where the perpetrators have no conscience.

You don’t behave so viciously toward anyone unless you have it in your soul, your being, to be that way.  And because the human race is fallen, deeply prone to bad behavior, born to be bad, so to speak, human beings default to that evil fallen state.

As the Bible warns, “they do what is right in their own eyes.”

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But it is God’s eyes they should be concerned with. People are without conscience if they are psychopaths. They also behave without conscience when they believe no one will hold them accountable. They are like all of us born into sin. Perhaps this sounds overstated. It is not; the Spirit of God inhabits those who believe in Him and walk with Him. That Spirit of God is absent in others, and so they have no fear, no love, no respect for what God has told us clearly He wants of us. God forbids murder, for example. Those cops murdered Nichols.

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