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An employee of Norfolk Southern, the rail carrier whose train derailed earlier this month in East Palestine, Ohio, dumping tons of harmful chemicals and sending poisonous gases and smoke into the air and surrounding waterways, has made a stunning claim in a newly filed legal action.

A train carrying over 150 cars, measuring 9,300 feet in length, and weighing 18,000 tons met a tragic fate as it was filled with hazardous chemicals that spilled and needed to be addressed. It has been almost two weeks since the derailment occurred in eastern Ohio, causing the evacuation of numerous residents, and Norfolk Southern is now facing a multitude of lawsuits.

Last week, the law firm Morgan & Morgan filed a class-action lawsuit in a federal court in Ohio, representing two women residing in East Palestine. The town, with a population of around 4,700 people, is located near the Pennsylvania border and approximately 50 miles west of Pittsburgh, according to CBS News.

“Norfolk Southern discharged more cancer-causing Vinyl Chloride into the environment in the course of a week than all industrial emitters combined did in the course of a year,” the suit alleges, which noted further that the rail company chose to burn the vinyl chloride, which then turned it into a highly toxic gas, rather than disposing of it safely. It’s not clear why the Environmental Protection Agency would have ever approved that.

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“From chemicals that cause nausea and vomiting to a substance responsible for the majority of chemical warfare deaths during World War I, the people of East Palestine and the surrounding communities are facing an unprecedented array of threats to their health,” Morgan & Morgan attorneys said in a statement, according to Republic Brief.

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