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A sinister blood moon is set to rise shortly before polls open on Election day next Tuesday and will be visible across parts of North, Central, and South America.

This cosmic event, set to appear on November 8, occurs when the sun, Earth, and moon perfectly align and the only sunlight to reach the lunar surface is what passes through our planet’s atmosphere – the more dust in our planet’s atmosphere, the redder the moon is.

Skywatchers will not want to miss this rare lunar eclipse, which hits peak totality – the stage of the eclipse where the Moon is entirely in Earth’s shadow – at 5:50 am ET because this will be the one until 2025.

The copper-red color moon will be visible to the naked eye and NASA said ‘you will be able to see the entire eclipse unfolded before sunrise.’

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totality will be visible across North and Central America and in Ecuador, Colombia, and western portions of Venezuela and Peru.

However, those living in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand will catch some of the eclipse – but the moon may not appear as red.

The process leading up to the blood moon starts at 3:02 am ET when the moon moves into the outer part of Earth’s shadow and starts to become dimmer.

And one hour and seven minutes later, the particle eclipse begins as the moon moves more into our planet’s shadow, appearing like a bite was taken out of its surface.

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