Posted BY: David Rybarczyk

It’s rare when a national newspaper openly flaunts its woke-activist journalism.  But that is exactly what USA Today has done.

In a subscriber-only print section, entitled “Impact Report: A look back at stories that led to change in 2022,” (online overview here) USA Today informs us of its work in the service of cultural change.  This special section is essentially twelve pages of self-congratulation.  But importantly, it is a revealing look at the Gannett organization’s editorial principles and priorities.

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Recall that USA Today’s introduction in 1982 was controversial for several reasons — such as a catchy design catering to the eye, the liberal use of color in an era of mainly black and white, and most notorious, its compact reporting, with the typical article maybe a few hundred words in total length, and short on depth. They liked to think of their reporting as concise, but a charitable description might be superficial. It earned the newspaper the nickname “McPaper.”

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