Far-left talk show host forced to face reality

Source: Kelen McBreen

Liberal co-host of “The Young Turks” podcast Ana Kasparian recently admitted she has been wrong about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial all along.

Despite footage proving Rittenhouse was defending himself having been available for over a year now, Kasparian is just seeing the vital videos.

Speaking about the currently ongoing trial during a show last week, the Young Turks co-host explained that she previously thought Rittenhouse chased after a man named Joseph Rosenbaum before fatally shooting him.

However, video of the incident shows Rosenbaum chased Rittenhouse as a third person fired a gunshot into the air, causing Rittenhouse to turn around and shoot Rosenbaum.

“I was wrong about that, okay, so I want to correct the record,” Kasparian said. “Look, these details matter, because if you’re going to make an argument that you acted in self-defense, there needs to be some proof that there was an imminent threat.”

“Now, what really mattered to me was how all of this unfolded,” she continued. “What was the thing that sparked it, what started all of it? And, initially, I was under the assumption that Rittenhouse was the person who was chasing after Joseph Rosenbaum — that’s how it started. But I was wrong about that. I was in fact wrong about that, and to show you the evidence to reinforce that I was wrong about that, I want to go to this video.”

Kasparian asked, “So, those details matter, right? Who was chasing who matters, the gunshots by some other unidentified person, that matters, especially if you’re Rittenhouse and you’re running away, and then you hear shots and then Rosenbaum lunges toward him.”

BlazeTV host Lauren Chen mocked the Young Turks host, saying, “For some reason, Ana Kasparian had never maybe thought to Google exactly what had happened. It seems like when she was watching this trial unfold, she was learning a lot of information for the first time which is very strange considering talking about news like this is actually her job.”

It appears that proof of Kyle Rittenhouse’s innocence has become too obvious for the left to continue denying.

A verdict should be made public soon as the prosecution rested its case against Kyle Rittenhouse on Tuesday.