That would return regulation to the states, like in the Dobbs decision

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

Liberty Counsel, under the direction of Mat Staver, has been in the middle of the court fight over same-sex marriage since the beginning.

The legal team has represented Kim Davis since she was a county clerk and declined to issue marriage licenses to same-sex duos when the Supreme Court abruptly created that status in America years ago, getting sued for remaining faithful to her faith.

And that case could be the one that goes to the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling, which came by one vote and was described as untethered to the Constitution, Liberty Counsel outlines in an analysis of the situation since Congress adopted a federal statute for same-sex marriage.

Joe Biden was expected to sign it right away, as abortion, same-sex ideologies and transgenderism have been three of the main points of his term.

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